Time Capsule of Tomorrows is a one-night only presentation of time-based media work, experimental essays, poetry, and durational performances that range from the personal to the political. Possibilities and change are postulated as thematic proposals toward shared futures. The past and present are abstracted as we take a moment in time to consider how we might work to shape the next one hundred years.


This is the first exhibition of One Hundred for One Hundred, a collaborative curatorial project conceived to help commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Temescal Branch Library, consisting of a string of exhibitions and events that deal with art, community, culture, and the humanities.


Exhibitions are curated with a priority for art works and projects produced in or around Oakland's Temescal District. Select artists who live or work in the local neighborhood are invited to put their work in dialogue with artists based in the greater Bay Area to reflect upon personal and public histories to generate thought about our shared futures.


Time Capsule of Tomorrows is organized and co-curated by Robert L. Borsdorf IV, Jacqueline Holben, Andrew Sungtaek Ingersoll, Renée Johnson, Jear Keokham, and Omar Mohammad.


One Hundred for One Hundred is coordinated by a team of local Bay Area artists and community organizers currently led by Jear Keokham & others as part of the centennial celebration of Temescal Branch Oakland Public Library. It is a year-long effort to help launch the Second Century of Public Service through arts and cultural programming at the library and throughout the Temescal neighborhood at satellite locations.


Participating artists include:

Cole Solinger
*(alex cruse & Kevin CK Lo)
Dawson Timpany & Eli Kirshbaum
Demi Vera
& Annie Vought