Conventional Wisdom

I went to visit ken.raw, a friend and musician, to go over his involvement in an upcoming exhibition. It was business as usual for these types of conversations. We talked about his works in progress, upcoming projects, threw in a little bit of music theory, shared personal philosophies, and laid out some logistics for the exhibition.

After some talking, we all started watching TedxTalks. His roommate (who was actually the friend that put me in touch with ken.raw to begin with) put on a talk by Franklin Leonard and I have to say, it resonated.

Leonard is seen here talking about how movies are developed and produced but what I was heard was how conventional wisdom is not always the best approach to judging or reviewing things.

As he was talking about film, I was thinking about art and how it is curated. I was thinking about how canons are perpetuated, how the “good” of art has become centralized, and how that should be disrupted.

I was thinking about who decides which artists makes the “Black List” because while there may not necessarily be a tangible list, there is undeniably a list…